Hot Beverages

espresso $4 / $4.5 / $5

flat white, latte, cappuccino, mochaccino, long black, chai latte, tumeric latte, macchiato, hot chocolate, short black $3, piccolo $3.5.

alternative milk
soy, lactose free, almond $0.5

flavoured syrups
caramel, vanilla $0.5

extra shot / decaf $0.5

Cold Beverages

freshly squeezed juices $8

cool sunshine: pineapple, orange, lemon + turmeric.

heart beet: carrot, orange, apple, beetroot, spinach + ginger.

green lemonade: cucumber, lemon, apple, pineapple, mint, celery + kale.

yogi bear: peanut butter, honey, chocolate, banana, almond milk + ice-cream.

green fairy: banana, spinach, honey, mango, passionfruit + ice-cream.

razzle dazzle: raspberries, mango, pineapple, strawberries, full milk + ice-cream.

johnny bravo: mango, protein powder, ice + almond milk.

Watermelon, mint, apple & ginger juice.

entice—me shakes $7

chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry.
+ make it thick $1

shaken—up $9

mango + banana, chocolate + caramel, peanut butter + nutella, passion + lime.

iced coffee/mocha/chocolate $7

w ice-cream.

iced latte $5

espresso served over ice w milk of your choice.
+ alternative milk $0.5.

iced long black $5

espresso served over ice topped
w cold water.

cans $3

coke, coke zero, sunkist, lemonade.

charlies bottles juices $4.5

apple, orange.

bundaberg $4.5

ginger beer, sarsaparilla, passionfruit.

kombucha $5

Original, lemon, tropical.

bottled water $3.50

toasted sourdough + spreads $6

fig + walnut toast with butter

eggs your way (v) $10.9

Two slices of toasted sourdough, eggs just the way you like them, wilted spinach + grilled tomato.

rosti stack (v) $17.9

Potato rosti, avocado, poached egg + hollandaise with your choice of Bacon, mushroom or smoked salmon.

eggs Benedict (v) $17

Classic English muffins, poached eggs, wilted spinach topped with hollandaise with your choice of bacon, mushroom or smoked salmon (salmon is $3 extra).

the omelette bar $13.9

– Mushroom, spinach + feta with toasted Turkish bread (v).
– Ham, cheese + tomato with toasted Turkish bread.

smashed avocado (v) $16

Zesty smashed avocado on toasted sourdough topped with dukkah + beetroot relish.

pancake stack (v) $14.9

3 tier pancake stack with berry compote, fresh strawberries, maple syrup + ice cream.

french toast (v) $14.9

Battered croissant, candied grilled banana, smashed honey comb, served with ice cream.

savoury mince $15.9

Toasted thick white toast, house made savoury mince, grilled cherry tomatoes topped with a poached egg.


+ bacon (1) $3 + bacon (2) $5
+ halloumi $3 + avocado $3.5
+ egg (1)  $2 + grilled mushroom $4
+ grilled tomato $3 + chipolatas (3) $4
+ toast (1) $2 + GF toast (1) $1
+ hashbrown (2) $3

*please let us know of any dietary or allergen requirements at the time of order.

classic fish + chips $16.9

Tempura battered fish, garden salad served with chips + house tartare.

cranberry chicken sandwich $14.9

Toasted Turkish bread with mesculin lettuce, sliced tomato, warm chicken breast, sliced camembert + cranberry relish served with chips.

steak sandwich $17.9

Toasted Turkish bread, mesculin lettuce, sliced tomato, cheese, bacon, tender steak + caramelised onion served with chips.

beefy nachos $14.9

Crunchy corn chips, spicy Mexican beef, melted cheese, house guacamole topped with sour cream.

vege nachos (v) $13.9

Crunchy corn chips, spicy house beans, melted cheese, house guacamole topped with sour cream.

b.l.t burger $14.5

Crispy bacon, sliced tomato, crunchy cos lettuce, Kewpie mayo, tomato relish served with chips.

crispy chicken burger $15.9

Crispy chicken schnitzel, tomato, lettuce and tomato served with chips.

classic cheeseburger $15.9 

100% Angus pure beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, cheese, Kewpie mayo, BBQ sauce served with chips.

For the kids

chicken nuggets $9.9

With chips + sauce.

beef slider $9.9

With chips + sauce.

fish n’ chips $9.9

+ sauce.


bacon + broccoli $15.9

Diced bacon, broccoli pieces, Spanish onion, grated cheese, spinach + tangy dressing.

greek salad $13.9

Mesculin salad, tomato wedges, olives, cucumber, crumbled feta + red wine vinaigrette.

add chicken $5

beetroot, orange + chicken $17.9

Roasted beetroot, sliced orange, toasted walnuts, spinach, cherry tomato, feta, red onion + warm chicken breast tossed through a citrus dressing.


spicy buffalo chicken wings (6) $8.5
honey soy chicken wings (6) $8.5 
truffled mushroom (v, gf) $9.9

+ 3 cheese arancini served with lime aioli (3).

vege chips (v) $8

served with spicy aioli.

Potato chips (v) $7

served with dipping sauce.

Fresh Meals

Fresh Meals Delivered To Your Door.

made fresh by our chef at Newstead. orders to be received by 10am day prior. delivery available in 20 km radius. all meals $12 and 550g.

phone to order 0400 339 965
chicken + pea risotto

sautéed chicken, peas, spinach, creamy risotto.

moroccan chicken (gf)

chicken drumsticks, moroccan fragrances, cous cous + minted yogurt.

chicken mustard (gf)

sautéed chicken, white wine mustard, spinach, beans + rice.

spaghetti bolognaise

traditional tomato sauce, beef + spaghetti.

beef lasagne

layered beef lasagne, tomato sugo, creamy bechamel sauce.

spanish twist (gf)

sautéed chorizo, smokey bacon, chick peas tossed in a tomato sugo + fresh herbs.

thai chicken curry

with beans + rice.

sweet potato curry (v,gf,df)

infused sweet potato, chick peas, spiced coconut cream + rice.

cauliflower curry (v,gf,df)

roasted cauliflower, potato in curry sauce + rice.

mushroom stroganoff (v,gf,)

sautéed mushroom, onion, fennel in creamy stroganoff sauce.

rustic beef stroganoff (gf)

tender beef, creamy mushroom sauce served with rice.

creamy pasta

mushrooms, bacon, blended in creamy white wine sauce with penne pasta.

Fresh Meals Delivered To Your Door.

made fresh by our chef at Newstead. orders to be received by 10am day prior. delivery available in 20 km radius. all meals $12 and 150g protein.

phone to order 0400 339 965

here are our healthy meals
– low carb, df, gf, nut free.

prepacked vege box (delivered) for $55

— 01kg washed potatoes
— 500g carrots
— 600g tomatoes
— 500g green beans
— 300g broccoli head
— 500g pumpkin kent
— 01kg sweet potato
— 1/2 cauliflower
— 02x lebanese cucumber
— 02x whole corn cobs

poached chicken

brown rice, steamed broccoli, carrot + tomato salsa.

sautéed beef strips

brown rice, cabbage, capsicum, + brussel sprouts.

grilled salmon

brown rice, pumpkin, broccoli, + sesame dressing.

moroccan veg tagine

infused pumpkin cous cous (v)

power thai beef

power bowl stir fried beef, stir fry veg, brown rice, kale + thai dressing.

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